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Sensual Hair, Hair styling, Beauty Tips, Fashions, treatments, massages

 Price: $995 includes domain name and developed website (shown above) PLUS a BONUS Offer. Click HERE or on the picture above to view the website

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What is included in the costs?

A premium domain name and a developed website. PLUS a BONUS Offer

  Sensual Hair Styling, Color treatments, Massages, Fashion styles, Hair extensions, Haircuts, perms, hair straightening

 Price: $995 includes domain name and developed website (shown above) PLUS a BONUS Offer. Click HERE or on the picture above to view the website

Top Reasons for the domain

1. A Premium domain name.

2. Increases traffic to your website

3. Makes your site more professional

4. Easier for people to remember

5. Helps search engines find your site

6. FREE Developed Website included in the price.

*7. Low cost domain renewal costs at $12 a year (com, biz, net)

* prices as at May 2013 Hair styles, Hair styling, Haircuts, color treatments, scalp treatments, scalp massage, relaxer, perms, fashion styling, hair extensions, wigs, shampoos, conditioners, hair straightening

BONUS offer

As a Bonus, the price includes FREE website development for a further 10 days to tailor the site shown to your needs.

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Top Reasons for Sensolve Web Development

1. Low cost web development to a high standard

*2. Affordable Hosting at $100 per year.

3. Hosting cost to include an additional FREE domain name.

4. Premium Templates. No unwanted Ads on your site.

5. Premium Support.

6. Search engine Optimization (SEO) at reduced costs to move your site to the Top!

* prices as at May 2013

Package Price Summary


Website Price including the domain $995

NOTE: is a Premium domain and further web development for 10 days is FREE

NB. Cost includes change of domain name registration to you as owner. Payment and transfer of domain prior to development.

Other Costs: 1 Year website hosting $100 to be paid to host each year (*)

Prices exclude ecommerce setup

Prices include basic search optimization (some keywords)

Search engine optimization (SEO) at low cost to move your site to the Top excluded from price

* prices as at May 2013



      Template Price: Free

      Template Price: Free